lexa luna studio

is a Filipina-American owned

ceramics + tarot reading studio

created by Alexa Villanueva.

Inspired by ancestral medicine +

the cycles of life with the moon,

Alexa uses clay as a language

to express gratitude and her deep love for

sacred objects and rituals.

Her experience as an Interior Designer, education in Museum Studies and design, mixed with her playfulness + Pisces nature comes alive through the spirit of functional ceramics

that offer magic to the daily rituals of others.

As a tarot reader,

Alexa's goal is to provide empowerment and healing

through one-on-one readings with her clients. 

She is endlessly in awe of the mirror that tarot presents us with, and how it allows us to visualize our

past, present, and future in gentle, yet powerful ways. 

- salamat -

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