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January New Moon ~ laying a (gentle) foundation for the new year

Greetings earthlings. Happy new moon time!

Our very first new moon of 2021, in fact.

New Moons occur about 2 weeks

before the full moon,

when the moon is dark under the earth's shadow.

If you like to live by the moon like I do,

the new moon time is an invitation

to go deep within, to rest & dream.

Lunar living is cyclical living-

honoring our cycles of energy

and where we pay attention.

Our Mama Moon rests tonight in the sign of


hardworking, grounded, stable energy.

If you were ask me a year ago if I liked structure & this Cap energy,

I would've given you a hard NO.

As a watery Pisces,

I thrive in the dreamy-ness

and flow of life.

But without good structure and at least some routine,

I've found that it's almost impossible to turn these ideas I have

swimming in my head into reality!

After almost an entire year under so much uncertainty, there are structures that I've put in place that have helped me immensely and I've fully embraced.

The seeds I am planting for this new moon is to continue the routines I've set in place below:

- Monthly check-in calls with my spiritual mentor

- Virtual moon time gatherings with dear friends

- Keeping my accounting up-to-date with Quickbooks

- Weekly Spanish classes (virtually of course!)

- Morning routines! Mine are not as elaborate as they used to be. A simple cup of coffee with about 20 minutes of journaling has helped me immensely!

New routines I hope to incorporate in the future:

- Meditationnnnnnn (I know it's good for you but why am I having a hard time getting into it?)

- Daily gratitude journaling. Perhaps listing three things I'm grateful for everyday.

-Weekly yoga/work out/rollerskating schedule

-Daily reading! I have a stack of books that are patiently awaiting my attention :)

-Stronger social media boundaries (perhaps no checking socials from 8pm - 10 am)

& of course, if I realize I'm not following these routines as much as I hope,

I'll be really kind and gentle with myself.

Everyday is an opportunity to grow.

I'll be mindful and just start fresh the next day. No big deal :)

Here are some journaling questions I came up with in hopes to inspire you and your own grounding practice for the new year. Feel free to use them whenever you need a little extra grounding in relation to your dreams!

Visualize: The Tree

Our root system:

What kind of support systems have I set up for my mental, emotional, and physical health?

The Trunk:

What consistent practices are/do I dream of supporting my most important goals?

The Leaves:

What is one thing that I want to offer the world this year?

The Moon (Higher Self):

What connects me with higher power/higher self/higher belief? What reminds me to look outside myself?

The Devil is the card that corresponds with the sign of Capricorn in the Tarot,

which begs the question:

What structures/negative mindsets are you ready to release in order to feel fully embodied & liberated?

As I work with this card this week,

I remember a chapter of my life

when I worked to overcome unhealthy mindsets

around my physical body.

For over a year, I was awful to it- harming it, neglecting it, restricting it from nourishment and love.

I felt trapped in my body and in unhealthy relationships.

Overtime I decided to finally release the trap

I created and allowed others to build,

and I was free.

I embraced all parts of myself I had hidden away.

To me, this is the Devil. A liberation.

Pictured: The Devil Card from the Future Ancestor Tarot

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