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November New Moon ~ dreaming with fire

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Lovely souls,

Hi! Hello! Oh, how I’ve missed you! It’s been busy, busy, busy over here on my end, and you'll read why in a bit. This blog as a sacred space to share with you where my heart & head are at, and I'm happy to finally be making time to do just that. My biggest hope is that this could also be a place where you could find some inspiration and support in your own creative journey, too.

So here we are, at the brink of the New Moon. She’s dark and dreaming in the sky, our mirror here on earth. Just as many cultures have planted seeds in their fields during the New Moon, I like to think about what seeds I’m planting at this time, too.

Because this month’s New Moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign all about adventure and exploration, I’ve been dreaming up what I want to focus on exploring this month...This has been hard for me because this whole YEAR felt like one big exploration, or rather, many explorations all at once… from leaving two architecture jobs that I felt weren’t right for me, to entering a new path in school and starting three creative part-time jobs that I love, and all the while tending to my real baby, Lexa Luna. Living in my first year of marriage and traveling to the East Coast with close friends. You see, I’m not lying when I say it’s been busy. But it’s been one great adventure that feels like I’m finally on the path that lights me up in the brightest of ways, no matter how unconventional it may be (but who wants “convention”, anyways?)

To be real with you, I've been feeling too *frazzled* to think of what intention to set on this New Moon. When you have too much going on, it's hard to stop and think about what your heart and mind really need. That’s when I turned to my trusty tarot deck, where the card I pulled made me laugh and say, “oh of course.”

Hiiii, King of Wands :) You scare me, but in a good way.

At this time of fire and excitement: getting ready for my first holiday market season as a vendor which I know will be super fun but will require a lot of mental and physical energy, this card encourages me to do what I’m not very good at as an artist/business owner: add some STRUCTURE to my process to keep me sane. The King of Wands reminds me to lead life with intent and focus on the big-picture, long-term view, rather than worry too much about the short-term (this is hard for me!) Recently I was having tea with a fellow maker and small businesses owner and she said, "I'm thinking of this December market season as a trial run. We're still learning!" and hearing that felt like such a huge relief! Yes, we ARE still learning! There's no reason to worry when I know that simply being at these markets will be an accomplishment in itself and that the lessons I'll take away from them will be the biggest reward. I'll be setting the intention to remember the long-term goals for my creative business and adding structure to it so my worries and frazzled feels can go to bed. As a dreamy pisces, structure has never been sexy to me, but maybe it's time to make it so :)

That being said, here's a full schedule of where I'll be in December!

I hope to see you beautiful faces there! Wish me luck in my journey of adding structure to this crazy time in life, and I'd love to hear what your intentions are this new moon, too!



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