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Sun Study 004

Sun Study 004


How does it feel to bask in the light of the warm Sun? 


This series of paintings, Sun Studies, was born out of a self directed art residency I partook in with my daughter while on a short trip in Kauai in April 2023. During our art residency together, I made it my mission to gather inspiration from my surroundings in between mothering. The heat and beaming Sun were welcomed change after our long Pacific Northwest winter, and we explored our neighborhood as I strolled her through parks and pausing every so often to write ideas or draw symbols that drew my attention. In the end, what inspired me most was seeing the way my daughter looked up at the sky, contentment and joy on her face, and reach her tiny hands up to the Sun, as if trying to grab it and invite it to play. 



Acrylic and paper pencil on 9” x 12” Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

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