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Tarot Readings 


In-Person Tarot Readings 

I am currently a resident tarot reader at one of my favorite corners of Seattle, fruitsuper

Please contact them via their website or instagram for scheduling. 

$25 for 25 minutes

Webcam Tarot Readings 

Via Google Hangouts, we meditate together & then dive in to the question that is on your heart. Typically, I pull three cards for your reading and tell the story of your cards together in a collaborative way. Please message me here to schedule. 

$25 for 25 minutes

Snail Mail & Intuitive Drawing Tarot Readings 

These special readings are done by first having you provide me with your question that is on your heart. Then, from my home, I draw in your energy with candle magic and pull three cards for you. From there, I hand-write my interpretations of the cards with your story and draw a custom drawing specifically for you that is based on the energy of the reading. Lastly, I mail these gifts to you via USPS. Please message me here if you'd like to purchase this gift. 

$45 for three-page reading & custom drawing 

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