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I'm incredibly grateful for the support of the shop owners who are part of
my art + business ecosystem. Please check out their shops + restaurants if you are looking to support other small, intentionally ethical + sustainable businesses! 


Archipelago Restaurant  / Seattle, WA 

Fringe / Seattle, WA 

fruitsuper shop / Seattle, WA

Frye Art Museum Shop / Seattle, WA 

Hood Famous Bakeshop / Seattle, WA 

Magic Hour Shop / Dallas, TX 

Musang / Seattle, WA 

The Future Ancestor Tarot

A Riffle in Time / Circleville, Ohio
Aide-Mémoire Shop / Seattle, WA
Crystal Bliss
/ Ontario, Canada 
Dream Magician / Thailand 
Four Wands Shop / Philippines 

fruitsuper shop / Seattle, WA
Frye Art Museum Shop / Seattle, WA 
Go Easy Shop / Dallas, TX 
Hina Luna / Hawaii 
Little Red Tarot / UK

Love.Magic.Sparkles / Singapore (worldwide shipping)
Orcas Paley / Seattle, WA 
Psychic Sister / Olympia, WA + Portland, OR 
Salon de Arcanes  / France 
Seagrape Apothecary / Portland, OR 
Soren / Portland, OR 
Tarot.NL / Netherlands 
Three Bites Bakery / Columbus, OH 
Circle of Stitches / Salem, MA 
Two Sides Tarot / Sydney, Australia (worldwide shipping)
Ghost Gallery / Seattle, WA 




It is important to me as a feminist, anti-racist artist and business owner that the businesses I work with align with my values, and so if you are interested in carrying my ceramics and/or tarot deck, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

Wholesale Inquiries
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